We have trained more than 8,000 inspectors.

We have prepared more
than 10,000 inspectors,
plus more than 6,000 Contractors,
Electricians and Plumbers,
across all US states.

Exam preparation, the easy way.

Seminars for ICC* Inspectors / Contractors

We offer Inspector/Professional Certification seminars in various locations throughout the Western & Central United States. These week long courses thoroughly cover questions asked on the ICC* Inspector/Professional Certification Examinations, as well as the ICC* Contractor Examinations.

As more cities and states are requiring their inspectors to become certified and contractors to be licensed, the importance of passing these examinations the first time is crucial!

Full-Time School in Englewood (Denver), Colorado

For Inspector, Electrician, General Contractor and Plumber exam preparation, we offer classroom courses in Englewood, Colorado to fit your schedule.
Classes at our full-time school offer the further advantage of having up to 2 months to complete your courses and instructors are always available for one-on-one tutoring.

Courses consist of:

  • Several up-to-date practice exams
  • Referencing to help you learn your code book cover to cover
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • A recommended 32 to 60 hours of classroom time

Guaranteed-Pass Policy

Over 95% of our students pass the first time.

We guarantee that you will pass our courses:  After completing the course, if you do not pass the exam, you may return and re-study at no additional charge until you pass.