Seminar Schedule

We offer two ways that you can prepare and study for your exam. You can study in our Denver classroom year round. Or throughout the year, we run week long seminars in various cities around the U.S., as shown below. When you register for a course, you will be asked to tell us which location you prefer. Please see the Courses page to register. 


September 21 Las Vegas Seminar
September 21-25, Las Vegas, NV
September 28 Salt Lake City Seminar
September 28 - Oct 2, Salt Lake City, UT
October 5 Seattle Seminar
October 5-9, Seattle, WA
October 12 Portland Seminar
October 12-16, Portland, OR
October 19 Sacramento Seminar
October 19-23, Sacramento, CA
October 26 Orange County Seminar
October 26-31, Orange County, CA
November 9 San Antonio Seminar
November 9-13, San Antonio, TX
November 16 Beaumont Seminar
November 16 - 20, Beaumont, TX
January 25 Longview Seminar
January 25 - 29, Longview, TX
February 1 Mobile Seminar
February 1 - 5, Mobile, AL